1. Árbol imaginario on Flickr.

    Árbol imaginario

  3. La Creación on Flickr.

    La Creación.

  4. Ciudad on Flickr.

  5. Ciudad on Flickr.

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  7. movieposteroftheday:

    1979 German poster for THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN (William Sachs, USA, 1977)

    Artist: Klaus Dill (1922-2000) [see also]

    Poster source: Kino-50er.de

    An astronaut is transformed into a murderous gelatinous mass after returning from an ill-fated space voyage.” –IMDb.

    The snipe reads “The ‘zombie’ from outer space” and the title translates loosely as “Planet Saturn sends its regards.”

  8. Monsieur Hulot

  9. Caminar on Flickr.